Wer bin ich? – Who am I?


Hello, my name is Grizzly. You may ask, don’t you look like a polar bear? Not at all! I am the very ferocious Grizzly [growl]. So why do I still have a white fur? Well, think about it, that is easy: I am an albino grizzly. I got that from my mom, she was quite white too.

My living cave is located in the beautiful little village of Grünhainichen in the Ore Mountains. I came to my family a long time ago and I liked it so much there, that I stayed. It has been many years ago and I cannot remember when exactly it was. All I know is that at that time, I was still very small and not yet such a fierce bear as today.

Over the years, we have visited many interesting places together. Even in the desert, we were already, but with my thick fur it became very hot for me after a short time. Therefore, I prefer the cool mountains. Some time ago, my Human-Dad started to take a lot of pictures. It seems, he has fun doing this, because since then he takes the camera almost everywhere with him. On this blog, I would like to present photos that my Human-Dad has shot. Just have a look at it.

Yours very ferocious Grizzly