Andalsnes & Molde

In these two places we only had a few hours each, because we visited both on the same day.


The three hours in Andalsnes were really sporty. My family was desperate to climb the Nesaksla. This is the local mountain of the village, to which a steep path leads up. The way was quite good, we had to overcome only just 650 meters in height. Since my legs are considerably shorter than those of my humans, I was allowed to sit in my travel bag and my human dad carried me.


The view from the top definitely compensated us for our efforts. Unfortunately we could not stay there for very long as we had to return to our ship.


In the afternoon Molde was on the program. Originally we had planned to climb a mountain here as well. After the morning’s mountain sprint, however, this part of the program was cancelled by my people. I could still have, in my travel bag.


So we went straight to the Romsdall Museum. Here you can get an impression of rural life in Norway in the 19th century. As a gourmet bear, the bakery was of course the most interesting house for me, but directly followed by the family house. The family house only consists of one room, with an open fireplace in the middle, over which millet porridge was boiling. On one side of the room there was a large, roughly hewn table across the entire width at which the family members ate in former times. Here family means about 20-30 persons, who lived together in this one room during winter, which lasted regularly at least six months and sometimes even longer.


For sleeping, sitting, drinking and anything else you could do on long winter days, there was a wide wooden bench along the remaining three walls of the house, which was covered with many furs. And when the winter was particularly intense and you did not want to go outside, then a small pit was dug in a corner as a latrine.

According to the tourist guide, you could smell such a house from a great distance, which I can well understand. But it was also cozy and reminded me of a bear cave.

Your very ferocious Grizzly



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