What a stress! I have just got back from India and off I go on my next journey. My family is on a holiday trip and as a sophisticated bear I have to go with them, of course. Our destinations were the fjords of Norway. How we got there, you can already imagine. We were back on a cruise ship. This time, however, not with „my“ ship but with the Ethiopian princess, as my human dad named it. A week of cruising and landscape watching on the AIDAbella, great!

On our way to the cost we had a stop in the old hanseatic city of Lübeck to let some coastal flair blow around our noses.

Our cruise started in Kiel and the first port in Norway was Eidfjord. The small village lies in the last corner of the fjord of the same name, the continuation of the big Hardangerfjord. There one is in the middle of Norway, over 100 km away from the coast. But the big ship can go directly there, because the fjords are all very deep. I can tell you, I was really impressed, how we drove between the steep rock walls on our right and left.

Eidfjord itself is a typical small Norwegian village, whose inhabitants used to live from fishing and animal husbandry. In Viking times, however, the municipality of Eidjord also had to provide a fully equipped and manned warboat. However, people have been living here for much longer. If you want to do a short hike, you will pass stone tombs from around 400-550 on the local mountain of Eidfjord, the Haereidterasse. Small versions of works of art mad of stone can be admired along the hiking trails. Norwegians or we as tourists too, like to build whole groups of little cairns. Of course, I tried my hand as a builder.

After the hike we visited the old church of Eidfjord. On the way back to the village I also had to warn a chicken family about the fox.  He sneaked around, look at him!


In the afternoon I almost disappeared in Norway. We visited Voringsfossen, one of the most famous waterfalls in Norway.

As a very dangerous grizzly bear I am of course not afraid of heights and walked a bit on the rocks above the waterfall. Who would have thought that bear could slip on it? Anyway, I was suddenly in the creek. Fortunately, my human dad pulled me out very quickly before I would have fallen into the waterfall. So I only got a fright and a wet snout.

Your very ferocious Grizzly



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