Prince Pückler Park

Today your grizzly has some culture to offer. But not just any. No, a world cultural heritage it has to be! A visit to Prince Pückler Park in Bad Muskau.

The plans for a visit of the famous garden on the river Neisse were made some time ago. Because spring is of course a particularly good time for this we went up to Bad Muskau on a sunny weekend.


According to Wikipedia, the park is the largest English garden in Central Europe. The central feature of this type of landscape design are exactly planted, but natural looking groups of trees and shrubs which create different and varied impressions in the sense of the underlying ideal of a „walk-in landscape painting“ through the conscious design of visual axes.

It were these surprising looks that impressed me the most. No matter where you walk in the spacious garden, new impressions open up from every position. The visual axes are always designed in such a way, that there is a building or a work of art at its end. How Prince Pückler had planned everything so exactly back then, without computers or complex models, that is quite impressive.


From the garden itself you can always see the new castle with its artistically designed tower. But through none of the visual axes, however, it is visible in its entirety. Each time you only see deliberately chosen parts of the building, the rest is hidden behind the trees. How beautiful it is lying there in the sun. You never thought that it had been a ruin for over 40 years since the Second World War. It is wonderful that there were very committed people in Bad Muskau who worked for the reconstruction, so that today it can shine in its old beauty again.

Anyway, I really enjoyed my visit to the park. We bears like both nature and art you know.

Your very dangerous grizzly

P.S. What do you think are the structures in the last picture? I will tell you. These are the aerial roots of a swamp cypress. The prince deliberately had them planted on the shore of the pond, because only when it is wet enough these peculiar structures around the tree will grow out of the ground. Clever Mr. Pückler, isn’t he?



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