The same procedure as every year: Botanical Garden

I probably don’t need to introduce the botanical garden in Chemnitz anymore. Anyone who’s been following my stories has read about it. Every year in spring, my human family and of course I visit the botanical garden. While so far only the snowdrops and the first crocuses bloom in our village, there is already spring high activity there.

You can even hear it, the spring. To do so, bear only has to keep calm and sit between the many spring flowers. What a buzz all around! Bees look for the first nectar of the year in all blossoms.

The larger animals are busy telling each other all sorts of things. The ducks quack, the geese clatter and grunt the pigs comfortably, when they dig for small treats in the thawed ground. Yes, the botanical garden in Chemnitz is not only home to the flora but also to a number of animal guests. Soon they will all have babies, which especially the children are always very enthusiastic about.

Of course, we were also in the greenhouses. At any season are exotic flowers there, which can be photographed very well. With a bit of luck you can also discover a chameleon, even if it is camouflaged quite well.

At one point, however, my photographer overdoes a bit with the enthusiasm for extraordinary photos. I had to sit on a cactus! Can you imagine how that sucked? And I already have a thick coat. Yes, it’s not easy for a bear to be a photo model.


But the trip was still nice. If you have some time, stop by in Chemnitz, a visit is definitely worthwhile.

Your very ferocious Grizzly



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