Ice breaking

The time has come, the winter is over! How do I know that? Well, you can ask questions. Of the river, of course! Yes, the river indicates spring.





The ice, which almost completely covered him, begins to break. In some places the water has already fought its way back to the surface. The thick layer of ice on the mill trench scrunches and groans under the pressure of the rising water level below. Cracks appear at the edge and run like flashes through the ice. There is movement everywhere, the water starts to flow again. You see, I’m right, the river indicates the beginning of spring.

In our pond we helped a little bit. Where yesterday the ice chimney has stood, there is now a hole in the ice. In this way, digestive gases can better escape from the water and do not harm our frogs and newts, which are still hibernating in the water. I’m already looking forward to it when we will soon have frog concerts in the evenings again.



Until then, have fun defrosting.

Your very ferocious Grizzly


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