Ice chimney

At the moment I’m really happy because I have such a thick coat. It’s so cold these last few days! With a beautiful bear fur, however, this is no problem.

Only with photography is it a bit complicated. My photographer tells me a lot about spring, which he likes to capture in pictures. But apart from some snowdrops there is nothing to be seen of bud bang. Ok, the hazel bush has already started to bloom in January. But it doesn’t count, because it always does that in the middle of winter.

However the severe frost has produced a very peculiar structure on our pond. It looks like a small chimney, about 20 cm high and with a hole in the middle, through which you can hear the water in the pond splashing softly.

This chimney was created because we have installed a small air supply for our frogs, which hibernate in the pond. When the air bubbles burst on the surface of the water, very small splashes appear and a little water always evaporates. From this, the severe frost has formed this ice chimney. At first it was only a small hill, but in the last days it has grown strongly. Even my polar bear friend Beulah was amazed and she really knows all about ice.

I hope that spring arrives soon. Until then, however, warm icy greetings.

Your very ferocious Grizzly


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