Saint’s day

I’m sure you remember my two new friends who suddenly moved in at Christmas. Neither of them has any names yet, but that will change today. Fortunately, some of you came up with wonderful names to me. Since I am the first bear in the family, I get to choose the names.

In the last few days, I thought about your suggestions and these from my family too. It was not easy I can tell you. Now I made a decision. The polar bear boy’s name is should be Kenzo. This name comes from Japan and means something like strong & healthy. That is a good fit, just look at how powerful he can climb up the plant. The suggestion comes from Itzel from Mexico, whom I met on my trip to Boston. Thank you Itzel – you are great!


My new girlfriend I want to be named Beulah. This name is of biblical origin. Beulah is originally an attribute of the land of Israel in the description by the prophet Isaiah. Beulah as a name was first used in England in the seventeenth century. Later it became famous in America because of the Pilgrims who brought them the new world. The meaning is usually translated as married or promised.   I really like the name and it really suits my little girlfriend, although she is not married yet. Peter suggested this name, whose tours through Boston my dad still remembers enthusiastically. Thank you Peter so much and best greetings to all my friends at EF in Boston.


With the decision for Beulah I even decided against the proposal of my human dad. He had suggested Grace to me. You know, Grace Kelly. He was also right, as our little polar bear lady is so glamorous with her diamond necklace and reminds something of the former First Lady of Monaco. However, in the end she is always a bear and besides, my daddy should not always be so fond of blonde women. That is why I chose Beulah instead.


Well, and since we had two name-days to celebrate today, we needed flowers as gifts for the two of them. Look how happy they were! They have climbed straight to the stems of the flowers, just to get a taste of the scent. Of course, I wanted to play along with them and so you can enjoy some photos of bears and flowers.

Congratulations on saint’s-day Kenzo and Beulah!

Your very ferocious Grizzly


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