Family growth at Christmas

Your grizzly needs help. I’m looking for two names and it would be very nice if you could help me with your ideas. But first the whole story from the beginning:

The 24th of December was a pleasant day for me. After our breakfast, together with my human family I went to the forest. We laid out delicious fruits, seeds and nuts so that the animals of the forest can also have a Christmas present. For lunch, we had hot chocolate with original Christmas stollen, a special cake from the Ore Mountains. Yummy, we bears love everything sweet!


In the afternoon, we all went together to the beautiful church in our little village for the Christmas mass. This is always something very special for my family. They are always taking part in the nativity play and beside this, my human-dad is an enthusiastic singer of the old Christmas carols.

Back home it was time for our traditional Christmas dinner, lentil soup, German Bratwurst and potato salad. Afterwards, as usual, the presents were exchanged. Everyone gave each other presents and good wishes for a peaceful Christmas. I received a gift too, a small golden package, about the size of a shoebox. Of course, I was very happy and could not wait to open it.


Carefully I started to open the parcel. As soon as the wrapping paper had a small slit, I suddenly heard a soft voice. My surprise further increased when shortly afterwards a little polar bear girl stuck her head out and wished me a Merry Christmas. What the hell was that? I quickly finished the unpacking. I realized, the package was the home box of the little polar bear girl and her boyfriend. They told me that they were really looking forward to getting to know me, because they have seen so many beautiful pictures of me. Well, welcome to my home.

The only thing I had to explain to them was my white fur. They thought that I was a polar bear, too. But I’m an albino grizzly, as everyone knows. I explained it and soon they understood. After that, I showed them our house.

During the next few days, my new friends explored our house. Especially the Christmas cookies became less very quickly . In addition, the girl was also very interested in our festive roast. Yes, bears are always gourmets.

Now, here we go: The two like it so much to be part of the family that they want to stay with us forever. No problem, but every family member needs a name. Unfortunately, the two do not have any names yet, so we have to find a name for each of them. This was when I came up with the Idea to ask you for help.

What do you think would be beautiful names for the two of them? If you have a great idea, please write to me. I look forward to your suggestions.

Until then, the bear wishes you a happy new year 2018.

Your very ferocious Grizzly


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