Christmas Decoration in America

Today I would like to give you a little impression on how the houses in the US are decorated for Christmas season.

The pictures were all taken in Winthrop, which I have already introduced to you. Americans like it to arrange all kinds of figures in front of their houses before Christmas and to light up trees, bushes and even the houses themselves. As a motto, you could say the more colorful, the better.

What we have not seen all – reindeers, dogs, snowmen and of course Santa Claus. Furthermore, there were sleights in many different types. We even found a fully illuminated runway for Santa’s sleigh.

That was this year’s Christmas post. I, the very ferocious Grizzly, and my human family wish you a merry Christmas and a lot of joy during the holidays. Have fun with Christmas decoration in America.


Yours very ferocious Grizzly


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