Today I would like to introduce you to the small but very beautiful town of Winthrop. My human-dad and of course me, we were here during our stay in America. But still, it was really like home for us. We stayed in a typical American house with a very friendly host family.

Winthrop has approximately 18,000 inhabitants and is located on a kind of little peninsula, directly opposite to the Boston airport. Since it is not so big, you can easily walk everywhere. That was very nice for us, because when you are walking, you can also take pictures.

The name of the city comes from John Winthrop, one of the most famous politicians from the founding period of the settlements around the Boston Bay. In 1630, he led the first larger group of British emigrants to the area what is now Boston. Until his death in 1649, he was the first elected governor of Massachusetts for a total of 12 years. British emigrants had the ideal of building a society based on education and personal freedom. John Winthrop played a decisive role in turning these ideas into reality.

Winthrop itself is a typical suburb with houses mostly in American wood style and a small town center. Numerous of the houses are already 100 or more years old and still make a very well kept impression. However, there were some surprising things for us to see. The power lines make a rather adventurous impression. Take a look at how crooked the power poles are standing. We have also seen a unique outside staircase to an apartment on the second floor. To use this, you have to be absolutely free from dizziness and need a lot of confidence in the builder.

Do you know what a cupola is? At the top of the roof especially of older houses, you can sometimes see a small terrace. Others have turrets with windows in all directions. These all are Cupolas, also called Widow’s Walk. In the past, women were supposed to have been looking for their husbands from the cupola when they went out to sea. Since a sea trip was a dangerous thing and seamen unfortunately did not come back home sometimes, these lookouts got the thing the name Widow’s Walk.

During our first few days in America, the quantity of American flags in the city was something special for us. It is quite natural there to have a flag around the house or in the front garden. In public places, they should not be missing anyway. Americans are very proud of their country and like to show it. In addition, the memory of the deceased and achievements, people had made for society, play a very important role. I like that because it shows what is important to the people.

Have fun with the impressions from Winthrop.

Yours very ferocious Grizzly


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