Freedom Trail

Hello from the very ferocious grizzly and welcome on my blog. This is my first post in English or rather I try it. So let us start with our trip to Boston. Together with my human-dad I was there to improve our English and you can now judge if we did it well.



For our first free day in Boston we had planned something historically. It is because my human-dad is a bit crazy for all historical things. Therefore, we walked along the Freedom Trail, a line of red brick stones along important historical buildings through Boston. The beginning of the way is in the center of Boston insight the Boston Common. At first we had to walk upwards on a little hill directly to the State House. This building is the house of parliament of Massachusetts, whose capitol is Boston. Just as we arrived, a small demonstration in front of the State House took place but we could not see, why they were there.

The further way led us to many more historical buildings from the early years of Boston. We had some interesting views. Especially the neighborhood of old houses and modern business areas is impressive. Only one example: The entry to the underground station is located in the basement of the Old State House and it is completely surrounded by modern high-rise buildings. It seems a bit surreal to me.

Crossing the Charles River we followed the Freedom Trail further up to Bunker Hill. During the independence war in 1775 a decisive battle between the settlers and the British troops took place here. In the end, the British won. However, the price of the victory was too high. They had such a significant number of losses of their soldiers that finally they had to dismiss Boston and all the colonies into independence. To remember the battle on the Bunker Hill an obelisk was built on top of it. Obviously, we climbed the 294 steps up to the platform where we were rewarded with an astonishing view over Boston.

At the end of our walk, we visited the frigate USS Constitution and the destroyer USS Cassin Young. Especially the frigate fascinated my human-dad, since the ship is already over 200 years old. Moreover, I had to sit as a model back on a cannon once again. That seems to be one of his passions. But what would one not do as a bear, to get the opportunity to travel as far as I do.

Good by and see you soon.
Yours very ferocious Grizzly


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